Drafting a Will in Thailand

Drafting a Will in Thailand Speaking about death is never an easy sale but it is important to know why this can be important to not only your family but those you leave behind in Thailand. Having a common law wife makes dying even more tragic. Thai law does not recognise the rights of a common law wife and should you die after living with a women for many years it would be impossible for her to claim your body from the police hospital after your death.

Most embassies in Thailand will not have the body released and will attempt to search for family back in your home country to release the body too. If you have no family back home or not on talking terms for that matter, having a last will and testament drafted in Thailand would allow you to stipulate that your common law wife will be allowed to access your body for burial.

The matter could become worst if you do not have a last will and testament and your children arrive from overseas/backhome to seek property and investments which you might have made. It has all the makings of a problem after your death which your wife might need to deal with. Family and money after death tend to flamable situations. Now, should your Thai wife die without a will her family may attempt to look for assets which she might have owned.  This again could create problems than what you really need. Are you prepared for this or would you consider it much better having certain things arranged before the day arrives. There are only two things certain in life – death and taxes.

Speak to any of our lawyers with regards to drafting a last will in Thailand and ensure peace of mind for those you do elave behind. Call us today for a confidential chat either in person, online or via our US or UK tollfree telephone numbers.

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