Grounds for Divorce

Grounds for Divorce

Grounds for Divorce. Divorce in Thailand can be a complex process, and understanding the legal grounds is essential. Thai law outlines specific reasons for which a spouse can file for divorce. Here’s a breakdown of the grounds for divorce in Thailand: Fault-Based Grounds These grounds involve a spouse’s behavior causing a breakdown of the marriage: […]

Marriage Registration in Thailand

A marriage in Thailand is only valid under Thai law if it is registered. This can be done at any district office (also known as an amphur or khet). This is the first step in getting married in Thailand. The Affirmation of Freedom to Marry must be countersigned by an official from your Embassy. 1. […]

Child Legitimation in Thailand

In Thai culture, family honor plays a significant role. Legitimating a child can help preserve family honor and social standing. Fathers also have important rights and responsibilities in Thailand, including parental power and custody. Children can inherit from their fathers, use the father’s surname, and obtain citizenship or nationality if the father is legally recognized […]

Child Support in Thailand

Under Thai family law, both parents are obligated to financially support their children until they reach legal age. This can be decided through a mutual agreement or by court order. The child support should cover expenses such as food, clothing, shelter and medicine. Unmarried biological fathers in Thailand can only acquire custodial rights if they […]

Child Custody in Thailand

Child custody is one of the most sensitive issues in a divorce case. Family law in Thailand puts the best interest of the child as the primary policy concern. The father must legitimize his position as the legal father of the child by registering with the district office and getting the mother’s consent to do […]

Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand is a significant cultural and legal institution. While there isn’t necessarily “popular content” related to marriage, here are some important aspects and considerations regarding marriage in Thailand: 1. Traditional Thai Weddings: Traditional Thai weddings are often colorful and steeped in cultural customs and rituals. These ceremonies typically involve Buddhist blessings, merit-making, and […]

Filing For a Divorce in Thailand

The increasing numbers of foreign nationals living in Thailand have inevitably led to an escalation of divorce cases. These cases are generally attributed to the difference in cultural and language backgrounds between the two parties. It is important to seek legal assistance from a lawyer before filing for a divorce in Thailand. 1. The most […]

Preparing a Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

Whether you are marrying in Thailand or you intend to relocate to Thailand from another country, it is crucial that you have a well-drafted prenuptial agreement in place. This will prevent any problems from arising after your marriage, or in the event of divorce. A Prenuptial Agreement is a legal document that outlines both partners’ […]