An expat with a Tabien Baan

An expat with a Tabien Baan Having your name on the house papers to some expats is very important as it makes life easier in Thailand. Much like many like the idea of permanent residence in Thailand the Tabien Baan is another issue all together. Obtaining a Tabien Baan requires alot of documents if you are an expat in Thailand. Here is a brief list of the documents you might need for the issuance of the document.

A) The original Ta bian ban of this house and a copy of it.(The blue one)
B) The original ID card of the owner and a copy of it.
C) Your passport and visa translated in Thai
D) A letter from your embassy to confirm that you are living in Thailand.
E) If you are married, your certificate of marriage, in Thai. Must be translated.
F) Documents to confirm your arrival in Thailand (I understand it’s the departure card or the border pass, or an airplane ticket, when you arrive in a country)
G) If you are divorced, papers about your divorce, also in Thai.

Now some of you would wonder what this is. The Tabien Baan is basically a book which states who lives in the property. For an expat this would be a Yellow one where as a Thai gets a Blue one. For a Thai person it is very important as it confirms where you vote, its proof of their residency and states in which district they will be drafted into the armed forces. The question remains is what advantages does it have for an expat in Thailand?1. Having your name on the Yellow Tabien Baan makes its easier to obtian a mortage bond from a bank;

You can obtain a building permit;

Much like permanent residency it does not give you voting rights or citizenship but only confirms your permanent residency in Thailand. If you are looking at permanent residency speak to our of our immigration attorneys with regards to permanent residency in Thailand .


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