Marriage in Thailand

Marriage in Thailand is a significant cultural and legal institution. While there isn’t necessarily “popular content” related to marriage, here are some important aspects and considerations regarding marriage in Thailand: 1. Traditional Thai Weddings: Traditional Thai weddings are often colorful and steeped in cultural customs and rituals. These ceremonies typically involve Buddhist blessings, merit-making, and […]

Criminal Law in Thailand

Criminal Law in Thailand

Breaking the law in Thailand is easy when you do not understand that what you are doing is illegal. There are many reasons for this and the biggest being that you have no knowledge about the law. Ignorance of the law? There are many laws in Thailand some of which you will not know or […]

Drafting a Will in Thailand

Drafting a Will in Thailand

Speaking about death is never an easy sale but it is important to know why this can be important to not only your family but those you leave behind in Thailand. Having a common law wife makes dying even more tragic. Thai law does not recognise the rights of a common law wife and should […]

Marriage Registration in Samui Thailand

Marriage Registration

Most expats or tourists getting married in Thailand simply hand over the documents and passports to an attorney for the process of marriage registration. The process is time consuming hence the ease of using a law firm. When getting married in Thailand you need to prove that you are single. If you are divorced you […]

Samui Solicitor – Thai Law Firm

Samui Solicitor - Thai Law Firm

If you are getting married , have a run in with the law, wanting to buy property , draft a will or need advice of any other legal problem you might have in Thailand. Speak to us today. With offices in all the major tourist cities in Thailand, we will always be able to assit […]