Breach of Contract in Thailand

Breach of Contract in Thailand occurs when one party fails to follow the terms of a legally binding contract. This can be costly for both parties. The legal system in Thailand allows for methods to resolve these disputes without resorting to litigation. This article will explore these methods, including demand letters and arbitration. Damages Contracts […]

Personal Injury Claims in Thailand

In Thailand, anyone who wilfully or negligently causes injury to another person’s body, health, liberty, property or rights is bound to make compensation. Compensation generally seeks to place victims back into the position they were in before the wrongful act and can include expenses for medical treatment and damages for lost income both present and […]

Medical Malpractice in Thailand

Medical Malpractice is a serious concern for healthcare systems worldwide. Society wants doctors to deliver best practices, but it doesn’t want them to stifle their patients’ health or take unnecessary risks. Generally, Medical Malpractice claims are civil proceedings and should be instituted within one year of the injury. However, some cases may fall under criminal […]

Dispute Resolution in Thailand

Going to court is expensive and time consuming. It is often the last resort. In Thailand, courts encourage parties to settle disputes outside the court system through mediation and arbitration. In some cases, courts may even order parties to participate in conciliation before proceeding with a trial. Chandler MHM’s experienced dispute resolution team handles complex […]

Trade Disputes in Thailand

As a dynamic participant in global trade, Thailand has experienced its share of trade-related disputes. Resolving such issues in a timely manner helps to preserve trade relationships and encourages compliance with international agreements. However, the length of time that a case takes to be resolved depends on its complexity. Even uncomplicated cases can take more […]

Labor Disputes in Thailand

In the event of a labor dispute, both parties will try to settle the matter through mutual negotiation. If this fails, the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare officials will mediate the case. Employees in Thailand can establish a union by forming 10 or more people with the same enterprise under their sponsorship. This is […]

Civil and Criminal Cases in Thailand

Civil and criminal cases are fundamental components of the Thai legal system addressing a broad range of disputes and alleged offenses. Understanding the court system is key to navigating any proceeding. Thailand has no jury system and it is up to the judge presiding over the case to determine guilt or innocence as well as […]