Child Legitimation in Thailand

In Thai culture, family honor plays a significant role. Legitimating a child can help preserve family honor and social standing. Fathers also have important rights and responsibilities in Thailand, including parental power and custody. Children can inherit from their fathers, use the father’s surname, and obtain citizenship or nationality if the father is legally recognized […]

Child Support in Thailand

Under Thai family law, both parents are obligated to financially support their children until they reach legal age. This can be decided through a mutual agreement or by court order. The child support should cover expenses such as food, clothing, shelter and medicine. Unmarried biological fathers in Thailand can only acquire custodial rights if they […]

Child Custody in Thailand

Child custody is one of the most sensitive issues in a divorce case. Family law in Thailand puts the best interest of the child as the primary policy concern. The father must legitimize his position as the legal father of the child by registering with the district office and getting the mother’s consent to do […]

US-Thai Treaty of Amity

The US-Thai Treaty of Amity offers significant protections to American companies. It allows them to own a majority of shares and engage in business on the same basis as Thais (national treatment) and is exempt from most restrictions on foreign investment under the Alien Business Act. The company must be certified by the US Commercial […]

Set Up a Representative Office in Thailand

Setting up a Representative Office in Thailand is an ideal option for foreign companies to explore the local market and conduct business research without registering a full-fledged subsidiary in Thailand. Representative offices are strictly non-income-generating entities that can carry out certain business activities on behalf of the head office or affiliated companies. What is a […]

Thai Will and Succession

Thai Will and Succession. A Will is a document in which an individual expresses their wishes regarding the distribution of property and assets upon death. The document must meet certain requirements under Thai law. If a person dies without leaving a Will, their estate is distributed according to Thai law on intestate succession (Book VI […]

Contract Review When Buying Property in Thailand

A contract review is a crucial part of purchasing property in Thailand, especially for foreign buyers. It prevents ambiguities and legal disputes, reduces liability on both sides of the transaction, and helps you choose the best ownership structure for your investment. During the process, a lawyer will read your contract line by line and highlight […]